Sunday, September 18, 2005

Recommending the acquirers

This blog has mostly recommended takeover targets. But there are buyers, who go on a disciplined acquisition spree, that makes them great value as well as growth plays in the long run. Part of the reason a serial acquirer's stock remains low is the (rightful) pessimism, as time and again such sprees have ended in trouble.

With their avoidance of takeovers during the bubble days and thus being able to buy their targets at mostly bargain prices after the bust, both Oracle and EMC have proved themselves to be exceptionally smart builders. In addition to the usual cost-cutting opportunities with takeovers, the targeted buyouts will yield them more satisified customers, something they can achieve with more bundled offerings.

If you have spare cash that you won't need to dip into for 5 or so years, consider buying both these stocks around current prices. I expect them to return 300-500% in that time period.


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