Monday, August 29, 2005

Hit #60

NDC Health (NDC), a solutions provider to hospitals/medical professionals, is being bought in a 3-party transaction, valuing the company at $19.5/share, a tiny premium over my average cost of $19.37/share. One of those holdings that I never got back to averaging down, though I did mention it atleast once on this blog before.

Atleast $13.5/share will be in cash, and the rest will be as stock in Per-Se Technologies (PSTI), one of the two buyers.

I own a few Per-Se shares already, and they have more than doubled since I bought a few months ago. I view Per-Se itself as a takeover target ultimately.

This acquisition follows the recent buyout of IMS Solutions (RX).

Expect more buyouts soon, with Eclipsys (ECLP), Allscripts Healthcare (MDRX), WebMD (HLTH) and Zixit (ZIXI) as possible targets. I expect both Oracle and IBM to enter this market in a big way.

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