Friday, November 26, 2004

Learning from Jim Rogers

I just finished reading Jim Rogers' Adventure Capitalist. Had earlier read his Investment Biker. Both are wonderful reads. They are about the author's road trips around the world - on a car and bike, respectively - looking for investing opportunities in less-developed / unknown economies and attempting to understand countries and their people.

Jim Rogers ran the successful Quantum Fund. So you will be learning from a master as you read these 2 books.

For more about his road-trips, you can visit his homepage.

There are some gaps in certain stories though. It is impossible to judge an entire country, especially when it is large and diverse, from a trip through some part of the country. I found Jim Rogers' views on India completely unbalanced, influenced only by his path through some of India's less desirable locations.

Missing are, views on South India (where there are states with quality of life index approaching that of European nations), Western India (prosperous and entrepreneurial), 2 or 3 small North Indian states (that are almost free of poverty) and North-East India (prosperous inspite of a dozen different insurgencies).

I am sure the trip similarly doesn't do justice to China and Russia.


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