Monday, May 31, 2004

A list of recent hits

Here is a (hoping that i can recall all and hence "complete") list of all takeovers in my portfolio ( or in 3 other portfolios that i maintain for friends )
over the last year or so.

I will skip hostile/unsuccessful takeovers. I also won't mention rumored takeovers here - that will be another list sometime later. I also intend to list potential targets in my current holdings in a later post.

Most of the takeovers happened just a few weeks after i acquired the stock and
in some cases it was actually under a week ( just luck here ).

I can group the targets under various themes and that will be a topic for an upcoming post.

  • JD Edwards : acquired by PeopleSoft
  • Legato : EMC
  • Documentum : EMC
  • Good Guys : CompUSA
  • Blue Rhino : Ferrel Gas
  • Kroll : Marsh & McLennan
  • FreeMarkets: Ariba
  • GlobeSpan Virata : Conexant
  • Hollywood Video : Mgmt Buyout
  • Overture : Yahoo
  • Gold Banc : Silver Acquisition Corp.
  • Wheaton River : Couer D'Alene
  • Digital Think : CSG Systems
  • ATT Wireless : Cingular
  • RMH Teleservices : NCO Group
  • T-NETIX : TZ Holdings


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