Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another reading update

Last month, I mentioned a few books on my reading list.

Practical Speculation by Niederhoffer is a great read. It is all about chance, change, correlation, causation and conclusions. Most of the material here is original. One for the personal library.

Inside the FDA could have been more interesting by leaving out some of the politics and details on personal appearances. Borrow, don't buy.

My life as a quant and Fisher Black ... are enjoyable reads if you can borrow them. My life ..., though it had too many typos for a final book, is an extremely humble autobiography. The last handful of chapters on modeling options, especially the exotic variety, and other derivatives, stand out.

All about dividend investing is turning out to be a no-nonsense book on growing your investments surely and steadily. Even though the basic principle of the compounding effect of dividend reinvesting is well known, it is still stunning when one sees the actual final numbers made possible by compounding. Buy it and read it every 2 years!


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