Sunday, January 15, 2006

A must read

This is one book that you don't want to be caught reading - the title is very unimaginative! But the book itself was worth every cent I paid for it.

Joel Greenblatt's You can be a stock market genius is a great book about investing in special situations - spinoffs, recapitalizations, bankruptcies and the like. In fact, I have not found another book that covers these topics so well from an investor's perspective.

Buy the book - this one is worth keeping.

While on special situation investing, Mirant's emergence from bankruptcy has resulted in a variety of special securities being issued to stockholders. I haven't had time to look at them, but there must be money to be made here.

Also, Tyco's decision to split itself, announced last week, was not welcomed by the market. This has created an opportunity - if you are a patient investor, you should be using this chance to buy Tyco shares and wait for value to be unlocked over the next few years.

Another book that I will be reading soon (I just placed the order today) is Hedgehogging by Barton Briggs. Looks like a fun book to read - it is all about the interesting experiences in a money manager's career.

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