Sunday, December 18, 2005

Defense targets revisited

In an earlier post, I had picked a few defense IT targets. One, Anteon, got acquired last week by General Dynamics, for around $2.2 billion in an all-cash deal with a significant premium. I did not own any shares, having decided to wait for it to become cheaper!

The other targets mentioned in my post and where they stand today - Mantech remains an attrative target (I own a few shares), Convera has quadrupled since I bought the shares (I am still holding), Acxiom has received buyout bids that have been rejected (I am still holding), Elbit and Insightful have not gone anywhere (I am still holding onto Insightful).

I am looking to add a few more defense IT players since I expect most of them to be acquired in a year or two. If you have any picks, you are most welcome to list them.


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