Sunday, October 24, 2004

Watching for hints ...

Sometimes you get investing help while doing mundane day-to-day activities. I had one such experience recently.

I bought a few shares of Coinstar (CSTR) a while ago when they were hit by news that Safeway was switching to Coinmaster. Coinstar still looked stable given that Albertsons was a customer.

I now wonder if Safeway's move to Coinmaster was successful. I had been to Safeway to get my coins changed only to be told that the machine was not working that day. I went back there after a couple of days, and this time I was told that the machine was not functional, and I was asked to try the Albertstons on the other side of the road! Ofcourse, Albertstons has Coinstar and I had no problems there!

The Coinstar machines seem to have changed recently with interesting additions like the ability to get prepaid wireless card etc. That is a good move, and I think various card providers will jump on this, given the impulsive buying possibilities here.

Anyways, I am holding on to my Coinstar stock and may buy more on dips.


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