Monday, May 12, 2008

A note on the slower blog updates

I am sure most of you have noticed a slowdown in the posting frequency on this blog. I don't have the normal excuse - too much work. Rather it is the opposite - I am having too much fun.

With the intent to travel for a year or two, I set out in late October 2007. For the last few months I have been traveling in India and Sri Lanka.

This week I head out to S.E Asia, and will be there for a few months. I intend to cover Bali, a bit of Malaysia, Vietnam, a lot of Thailand and will also likely venture into Cambodia, Laos and Timor. If I am still left with any energy, I head to Hong Kong and Singapore. And finally, if I am still alive (mentally) by then, I hope to get to China & Macau.

I do intend to keep blogging, but only major takeovers will feature here. I am making notes on all the smaller takeovers, and I may do a longer post covering them later.

Meanwhile, if you are headed to the same part of the world I am going to, let me know. We can meet, and the beer is on me!


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