Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Baby you can drive my iCar ...

It looks like I am the only one to not say anything about the new iPhone. Feeling a bit lonely, I decided to take a shot at what is next for i.

We have seen an iCeo, but not an iPresident yet. Anything would be better than the current lame-duck one.

iRobot is already taken. So that can't be it.

How about iCar ? At this point, anything less than that would be a disappointment and cannot be a true follow-on act to the iPhone.

What would the iCar have ? Unlike the iPhone, I hope a GPS. Unlike the iPod, I hope it is available in more colors, right away. A makeover for the VW Bug or the Mini would fit the bill. Then again, Silicon Valley's very own Tesla may be the best candidate to collaborate with Apple on it.

As for the iPhone, I was shocked to see that a GPS was not included, and that was enough to make to stay away. Having the ability to use only the slow EDGE network is another disappointment. As some have started guessing, the next version will likely fix both. But then, it would be almost time, and waiting for the iCar may be more worthwhile.


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