Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring break!

No real break for me, but I thought I would post something to celebrate the great weather over the last few days, and which is set to continue. This is the best part of California living - the blue expanse, high sprinkled cirrus, flowers in bloom and all those wonderful creatures springing to life! So, don't forget to stop and smell the flowers.

As they say, life is much more than work and money. So before I make my next post on the urge to merge, here are a few amateur shots that I hope you enjoy as much I did taking them. Click on an image to see it in larger resolution - most of these are best viewed in much higher resolutions but I couldn't get the larger size images to fit well into the default blog layout.

Yearning for the big blue
On the springboard
Weekend workers
Honey sweatshop
The Blues Brothers
Organic candy floss
Yellow fever
Come on in ...
Showing some skin!
Sunbathing, wings stretched
Small, yet regal
The smaller big-cat
Nowhere but here
Another day, another wink
Pretty tail
Signature tail
A must see
Heading home for a refill
Two to tango
The other urge to merge
Not just for the birds and the bees
Not for a while
Closing in


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