Sunday, January 21, 2007

A few deal updates

  • Swift Transportation (SWFT) (Hit #126) received, and has accepted, a higher bid from its former CEO. The new cash offer, of $31.55/share is a premium of 82.48% over my average cost of $17.29. I will be seriously considering redploying the proceeds into Forward Air (FWRD). Another player in this sector, EGL (EAGL) got a management buyout bid recently.
  • Icos (ICOS) (Hit #119) received a final higher offer from Eli Lilly. The new offer, at $34/share, now represents a premium of 25.05% over my average cost of $27.19.
  • Clear Channel (CCU) (Hit #131) is likely to get a higher offer, now that institutional investors are fighting the current lowball bid. Yes, it is about time, that these overcompensated, underdelivering fund managers did something to justify even a tenth of what they are taking home!
  • Smith & Wollensky (SWRG) got a takeover bid from Landry's. The cash offer represents a substantial premium to my buy price, but I not marking it as a hit yet since Smith & Wollensky has not accepted the offer, and a higher bid is very likely.


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