Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend M&A notes

  • The rumored Freescale (FSL) deal is finally here. THe final price tag - $17.6 billion, or $40/share.
  • Herb Greenberg writes about the Freescale takeover saying it indicates the reckless/impatient state of private equity groups which are now throwing money at all sorts of targets. I believe that the price may have been a bit high, but this deal makes more sense than the HCA buyout.
  • Here is a fictional piece written in 2017 looking back at the golden age of M&A - 2006-2016. I am definitely ready for it having been preparing for it for almost 4 years now!
  • Symbol Technologies (SBL) is rumored to be close to a sale, possibly to Motorola. I will mark this as a hit when it is confirmed. For Motorola this would be a great buy assuming the price is right. I don't mind getting Motorola shares at a discount, since I believe they are headed much higher as the turnaround proceeds.


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