Saturday, April 29, 2006

I love Microsoft

Did I say that out loud!

I love the stock that is, especially after the pullback today. I have been planning to write up on some small but interesting changes in Microsoft's attitude lately.
  • Microsoft seems to have finally realized that its customers may want to run Linux in addition to Windows. They are now ok with it!
  • Microsoft has also bought a few small companies in gaming and advertising recently.
  • It is also finding ways to turn its research projects into real products by acting as an incubator of startups, which likely will be acquired eventually.
  • There are some real changes like Windows Live that look great and could do a lot to help Microsoft depend less on Windows/Office for revenue down the road.
  • Give MSN search a try - it is almost as good as Google, and in some ways slightly better.
  • Finally, Microsoft seems to be willing to listen to its users more and (so far) has not put any limits on blogging by employees.

Given the potential for another one-time dividend payout, and also the real possibility that the regular dividend will be hiked substantially, the stock is now a good buy for any long term portfolio.


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