Sunday, July 31, 2005

Another minor milestone

A few weeks ago my hit count reached 50. This numeric milestone can be seen as artificial, but it does give me an excuse to make another post.

I intended to write on the same day the count reached the half-century mark, but a few things kept me occupied. The hits have continued since then, and now when I finally have some time to write about it, the count stands at 56.

The hits have not disappointed at all. Here is how they compare with my initial expectations.
  • The total number of hits - slightly better than the middle point of my most conservative and aggressive estimates.
  • The average premium - close to my most aggressive number
  • Percentage of cash takeovers - way beyond my most aggressive expectations. As I have said before, cash is king when it comes to paying for takeovers.

I plan to continue investing aggressively in takeover targets as long as the usual reaction, from friends, to my investing strategy remains a mixture of (strong) disinterest, (weak) fear, (mild) skepticism and (even milder) scorn. The day I see a shift, with the majority agreeing with my actions, I will start backing out of this strategy. For now, that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.


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