Monday, June 20, 2005

It's been an eventful year

When I started this blog I had doubts if it would remain active beyond a few days or weeks. So it is a nice surprise now to see that it has lasted for a year! An eventful one too.

I started my M & A focused investing around 2.5 years ago, but only after more than a year into practicing that strategy did I think about starting a blog to jot down my thoughts and forecasts. The number of hits so far, 48, is right in the middle of my range with conservative and aggressive numbers as the end points.

The mega-boom in M & A has not shown up yet. So far, it has been just a boomlet - a mini boom. There were signs of a lasting boom a couple of times, but both turned out to be false starts, with signs of a soft patch or interest rate hikes dampening any boom.

I still think that we will see an unprecedented takeover / going private boom over the next 2/3 years. And I hope to be blogging away all along!


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