Friday, May 06, 2005

Icahn and Siebel ?

Yet another rumor about Siebel surfaced last week - this time Carl Icahn was the supposed suitor.

Icahn's interest in Mylan (MYL) and Blockbuster (BBI) are understandable, but Siebel ?

I think companies like EDS (EDS), Keynote Systems (KEYN), Quantum (DSS), Fiserv (FISV) are more worthy candidates.

Still, if Icahn can repeat his recent performance at the Blockbuster conference call at a few more places, it would be good for investors. Someone had to question executive pay, and who better than Carl Icahn ?

$50 million pay package for Blockbuster CEO, while my local Blockbuster parking lot looks straight out of a third world slum ?


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