Friday, April 15, 2005

Will the RJR record be beaten ?

The largest buyout during the late 80's buyout binge was the $25 billion LBO of RJR Nabisco. Will that record be broken ? I think so. We will see a larger deal over the next 2 years.

The recent $10 billion buyout of Sungard Data Systems was just a start. More similar sized tech deals are in the offing. One ideal candidate is EDS, with a current market cap of around $10 billion.

The steady stream of new announcements of fundraising, including the recent $8.5 billion raised by Goldman Sachs points to another round of takeovers down the road.


At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Matthew J. said...

If the rumored Sun LBO (around $15 billion) happens, we will get closer to breaking the record.

Who could be next ?


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