Saturday, March 12, 2005

What would you do if you had 3 billion dollars to spend ?

That should have been, what will EMC do ?.

EMC is considering bringing back some $3 billion in profits parked offshore, to take advantage of the one-time low-tax repatriation rules.

EMC has hinted that it is planning more acquisitions, with network management mentioned as one area. While I think that EMC should stop and digest its recent buys, if it absolutely must use the cash, it should go after Opsware (OPSW). Data center automation goes hand-in-hand with virtualization, where EMC made a smart move earlier.

On a pure system management side, BMC is the only large target available. BMC is too big and does way too many unrelated things for it to be a good buy for EMC, but if it can pick it up at a very small premium and cut costs sharply, it would still be worth going after.


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